From server configuration charts to mockup creation.
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  • Infrastructure division: Division Head: Issei Naruta (Middle)
  • Infrastructure division: Infrastructure developer: Genki Sugawara (Left)
  • Premium membership division: Associate: Rika Hishida (Right)

Easy document sharing and user friendly tools are reasons to start using it, and data security seals the deal.

Mr.Sugawara: In the infrastructure department where I work, we create a large volume of server and network design documents. We frequently make changes to the documents based on changes in network or server structures.
We used to use an installed drafting application to draft our network charts, with everyone working together using a file server. However, it was a lot of trouble to use. I personally had used Cacoo online, and thought it would be nice if we could share charts on the web like in Cacoo.

We were also using Google Apps in the company, so we considered using Google's drafting tool, but Cacoo seemed so much easier to use. We were also reluctant to put confidential information on the Internet.
At that time Cacoo Enterprise was introduced and swept away our security concerns, so we began using it.

Cookpad Inc. Case Study

Share images across departments without stress

Mr.Hishida: In my case, I often plan various campaign pages to promote sales of services to paying members. I frequently use Cacoo to create new pages and make corrections. Specifically, I use it to create mockups and copy and paste screen captures into instructional documents to share with engineers. Before using Cacoo, I was using a presentation creation application, but it was very confusing to manage because I could no longer tell which was the latest version after repeated edits. Cacoo allows me to manage documents uniformly and share images without stress.

Cookpad Inc. Case Study

The same ease of use as traditional tools, with expanded possibilities

Mr.Hishida: I knew that Cacoo was being used in our company because there had been a notice about it, but I did not actually see it being used for a while. However, when we brought up the previously mentioned issue with uniform management at a review meeting for a certain large-scale revision, an engineer from another department recommended Cacoo to us. That was the impetus for us to begin using Cacoo in our department as well. Before we began using it, we worried that it might be slow to operate because it is an online tool, or that we would have to learn how to use a new tool. However, when we actually began using it, we found that its performance lived up to our previous tools, and we could understand how to use it intuitively. Even employees not well versed in IT were able to start using it without asking anyone. We can not only use it in the same way as our previous software, but also share right away just by giving a URL, or copy and paste directly to our company blog. It has opened up new possibilities for us.

Simple information sharing and work flow

Mr.Sugawara: It is nice being able to share documents without worrying about whether or not the other person has installed the software. There is also no need to re-upload charts pasted to our blog after we update them, so blog updates have gotten easier too.

Mr.Hishida : In cases of sharing mockups as well as applying the instructions of a leader after confirmation, we can correspond by writing directly on the charts in [[[Cacoo]]]. Before, we had to re-share charts after making corrections according to designer instructions, then check again. Now we don't have to deal with that troublesome process.

Use charts more conveniently, simply, and enjoyably

Mr.Narita: Even if you think of Cacoo as a drafting tool alone, it is extremely easy to use when you want to draft a simple chart. When we drafted server configuration charts using other tools, lines often wouldn't connect, and lining up the positions of stencils was a pain. Now it is much easier. Ultimately, when creating presentation materials in our dedicated application, we use Cacoo for the charts and include captured images. We use it in that way as a simple drafting tool as well. It helps us out because we don't need to have expensive software.

Cookpad Inc. Case Study

Mr.Sugawara: For example, we manage documents in each server on Wikis and embed Cacoo charts in the viewer. When we update a Wiki with the latest information, the latest version of the Cacoo chart shows up in the Wiki without us having to embed it again. This has made it easier for us to update documents.

Mr.Hishida: We like the mockup stencils in the hand drawn style. They are popular with the girls in our office because they look cute and make work more fun. There is a wide variety of stencil types, and our employees doing web direction use them quite a lot.